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Justin Wood on one of the original Flock Hill highballs, Jaws (V8), Castle Hill, New Zealand

photo: John Palmer

The ever-wanting soul sees only what it wants. The unwanting soul sees what is hidden

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To travel is to live.

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Can’t wait to get on the collab wagon with #theDaikySend! Best excuse to ditch work and get on some rock.



Bishop | climber: Niky Cerria | photographer: @alapomardo

Good afternoon climbers! 

Hope your tuesday is rad as always! Hoping to be able to order our cameras soon! I dream of them often so hopefully they will arrive in good time. Still working on our piece “Recovery” and I think you will all enjoy it. We are still looking for web developers so feel free to shoot me an email at if you are interested. 

Graydon Clark 

Ceo The Daily Send. 



Melissa Le Nevé

This boulder looks like a blast. It’s almost time to be outdoors all the time!


if you are a lesbian, reblog this for all of those looking to mingle with fellow lesbians


Missing the tenderness of a lovers touch, sleepy kisses goodnight, and arms draped around me to protect me in dreamland.


Am I the only one who gets kind of upset that Tumblr seems to care more about Nash Grier saying stupid shit than a civillian airplane most likely being shot with a missile and Israel basically invading Gaza? Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch and a lot of Dutch people died on that plane but it really just bothers me how selective Tumblr seems to be with what they freak out about.

Exactly what I was thinking, just a bit beyond Tumblr. Who are we but obsessive blobs that plug in to block out the world crying around us.

A commercial airliner was shot down.

Netanyahu claims this is only the beginning as the casualties add up and Palestinians are shipped out.

Indigenous people’s are forced to sell their land to the hands of rapists without having any other options.

Women, homosexuals and every person of every color are STILL fighting for rights.

A plant is illegal.

Hollywood gets more air time than those suffering from a lack of clean water, reliable food sources and safe shelter.

What the fuck is going on people?


Me soloing Archangel E3, Stanage. Scary!

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